dosimeter card only science no tall claims aum always protecting you scaled
dosimeter card only science no tall claims aum always protecting you scaled


Science behind UVC

Post the pandemic everyone has started manufacturing “UVC” devices that is supposed to protect you and your loved ones against Corona virus and other deadly germs. Everyone makes claims but how do you know if the products really work that too in the absence of any regulatory approval mechanism you are exposing yourself.

There are several ways to test the efficiency of UV products like the UVC light meter, NABL approved lab tests from samples taken post irradiation, but the UVC dosimeter is a relatively inexpensive but highly effective option.

AUM Medtech is the only one to have been supplying devices and products with actual UVC light meter readings and NABL approved lab test reports and now we are the first in India to come out with our own Dosimeter.

How a UVC dosimeter works

A UVC dosimeter is placed in a room before a UV cycle begins, during the run cycle. The center of the dosimeter has photo-chromatic ink that changes color from yellow to orange to pink based on the UVC dose received that correlates to certain log reduction rates known to kill hospital grade bacteria, C. Difficle.

It’s important to note the center of the card only changes color with the traditional 254 nm wavelength. Other sources of UV energy like LED UVC, far-UVC, or pulsed-xenon UVC will not register properly.

Why UVC dosimeters are important

UVC dosimeters:

  1. Will tell you if you hit the dose you want to create an overall cleaner environment.
  2. Ensures UVC energy is hitting the surfaces you want.
  3. Using a dosimeter card may help shorten the disinfection cycle, increasing the overall turnaround time.
  4. Placing a dosimeter in shadow/hard to reach areas makes sure it’s getting the desired disinfection.
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