Our mandate is to manufacture affordable yet scientifically validated products that stand the test of time. Yesterday it was TB, Today it is COVID-19 and Tomorrow…? Being futureproof and ensuring ROI for our customers is what matters to us.

We are the only one in the World to offer the complete UVC sanitizing solution including for Airlines/Airport/PPE chamber etc.

All testing’s both Nationally/Internationally and gallery of actual used cases are posted for you to review for yourself. 

Our Products

As a result of the pandemic there are many products, ads, PR overdrive, and promotions that claim amazing performance with little or no scientific backup/Testing reports OR Actual used case scenarios.

It is our goal for all our products to be of the highest standards of quality, using ethical practices.

We always do third-party lab testing and testing/feedback from doctors and hospitals proving the efficacy of the product and the conditions under which they were achieved.to give the user years of trouble-free service.

Ultraviolet C Devices

More than 30 variants of Make in India devices that caters to every sector, area, need and budget. All devices undergo quality checks and are supplied with actual UVC outputs and NABL accredited lab microbial efficacy test reports and in select models International testing reports.

Our devices are being used in Hospitals/Clinics/Food processing units and Internationally.

Video Laryngoscopes

More than 6 variants of Regular and WiFi video laryngoscopes.

AUM WiFi Video laryngoscopes helps in overcoming the main factor holding back the progression from standard Macintosh laryngoscopes to video laryngoscopes. Our range is the most affordable global patent pending and clinically validated video laryngoscope. Its currently being used by hospitals of International repute.  


AUM is now available in GEM Portal.

AUM UVC Bots have passed with flying colours the Microbial Efficacy testing done by Dubai Munipilatity


Assessed by QCI and certified to be an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

AUM Medtech products are now available in UAE.

We add more to our products to ensure that our customers benefit to the maximum.
Our value proposition information is available below.
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Medical devices should be scientifically evaluated

I have been seeing lots of companies posting that they received so and so award, my billion dollar question is are these purchased/paid? Most of these are not even present after 2 years and some have been flagged down by the medical...

AUM MEDTECH is ISO 9001 certified

When there was hardly any standard for UVC devices, AUM Medtech developed standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of our products, services and systems. This shows our commitment to provide products or services that are safe,...

Why UVC Irradiance and NOT UVC Wattage is the Most Important Factor in UVC Sanitizer Devices

What is irradiance? If you are looking for a non-chemical UVC disinfection device and want to be sure that there is enough irradiance to do the job, you need to check how much UV radiation falls on the contaminated surface. The critical factor in...

WiFi Enabled Video Laryngoscope

Our Wi-Fi Video Laryngoscope is an advanced version of our video laryngoscope which transmits high definition video image to a tablet or android TV. APPLICATIONS Can be used comfortably even in children Useful in patients with suspected cervical...

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