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AUM Medtech are manufacturers of:

Handheld and wireless remote viewing video laryngoscopes &

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) solutions.

 All our products are manufactured under Make in India and have been scientifically validated to be of international standards of quality and confirm to stringent international regulatory authorities. We have an obligation and commitment to positively impact the society, towards achieving that goal we have ensured that all our parts are biodegradable.Our products are being extensively used by healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, MNC manufacturing units, hospitality sector and educational institutions.

AUM Ultraviolet Germicidal Solutions (UVCGI)

Yesterday it was TB, today it is COVID-19 and Tomorrow – nobody knows, but AUM Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) chemical free disinfectants are future proof. What’s more our UVC devices are configurable for the desired log reduction of micro-organisms.Our range of more than 50 variants ensures any facility ranging from ICU, OT, healthcare facilities, large office spaces to individual homes can benefit from our UV-C technology. The options are endless.We are the only one in the World to offer the complete UVC sanitizing solution including for Airlines/Airport/PPE chamber etc.

AUM Video Laryngoscopes

Our range of Handheld and Remote viewing video helps in overcoming the financial factor holding back the progression from standard Macintosh laryngoscopes to video laryngoscopes. Depending on the need our range allows usage by individual anaesthetists, hospitals, and teaching healthcare institutions. What’s more our patent pending devices allows near real time remote viewing anywhere across the globe.


AUM UVCGI are EPA registeredAUM Medtech enters Kuwait


AUM Remote viewing Video Laryngoscopes are being used in quaternary teaching hospitals.AUM Medtech products get positive inputs from International Patent Office.
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Medical devices should be scientifically evaluated

Medical devices play a crucial role in modern healthcare. However, for these devices to be effective and safe, they must be scientifically evaluated. The scientific evaluation of medical devices is a process that helps to ensure that the device is...

AUM MEDTECH is ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems (QMS) that provides a framework for organizations to consistently meet customer requirements and improve overall performance. The standard is based on a set of quality management...

Why UVC Irradiance and NOT UVC Wattage is the Most Important Factor in UVC Sanitizer Devices

UVC irradiance, also known as UVC intensity, is the measure of the amount of UVC energy that is emitted by a UVC sanitizer device per unit area. It is typically measured in units of microwatts per square centimeter (µW/cm²). UVC wattage, on the...

WiFi Enabled Video Laryngoscope

AUM WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope is a medical device that combines the traditional laryngoscope with advanced video technology and WiFi connectivity. The device allows healthcare professionals to view the larynx, the voice box, more clearly and...
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Customers AumMedtech video laryngoscopes
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aummedtech certifications testing registrations mobile video laryngoscopes

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