Access to comprehensive, quality health care services is important for promoting and managing diseases; thus improving health benefits to the masses.

Our mission is to leverage affordable innovation and technology to make our many products across the health domain “available” and “accessible” to all.

 We at AUM MedTech envision removing the barriers that restrict accessibility of quality equipment’s thus ensuring health equity.

All our products are state of the art technology that meet quality criteria and do more with less in a complex and resource-constrained environment.

We at AUM MedTech are leveraging technology and ingenuity to make advanced and costly health products accessible to all. We are driven to reduce costs which inhibit improved health benefits to the masses.

We have identified many products across the Indian health domain to make accessible to those in dire need. Our products are designed and tested to the highest of standards to ensure that we provide the best quality every time.


Our flagship product is AUM UV BOT which delivers Ultraviolet light disinfection. It is the most powerful UVC and most affordable in the market. We have applied for product patents – Ultraviolet Patents and Patent Applications have been processed

One of the key challenges in the current healthcare domain is how to disinfect against COVID. This UVGI is an essential device against COVID 19 and is  internationally certified by Environmental Protection Agency.

The product incorporates Philips germicidal UV lights, no touch technology, an electronic ballast, motion sensors for safety, CE/UL/FCC certified parts and our design ensures UVC effective against Shadow Regions.

It is India’s only UVC proven by science and is among the best UVC in the world.

Our Machines talk for us!

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