mobileuvsdisinfectunit 6lr
mobileuvsdisinfectunit mob 6lr


Dental Bot
Our 6lr mobile UVC disinfection unit is meant for clinics, small offices and hospital rooms.

UVGI disinfection standards are yet to be in place making it difficult for Consumers to choose UVC disinfection devices that work as intended or as claimed.

AUM Mobile UVC Disinfection Units are registered with US Regulatory Authorities and being FIFRA complaint, they work as intended or as claimed, giving you the confidence of the efficiency and efficacy of our units.

Our disinfection bots are being used in Hospitals, MNC’s, Food processing units both in India and Overseas.

Aum Mobile UVC disinfection units are Proprietary Technology products that caters to any sector, room size, microbial load, need or budget. This UVGI is an essential device against COVID 19

What does not change in any of these are their efficacy. All our devices undergo strict quality checks and come loaded with Features not available at this cost.

Since we are aware that mentioning Wattage is just a marketing ploy we never use that value in any of our product range.

All our devices come with assured UVC output readings using UVC light meters (as used by ICMR accredited labs) and NABL accredited lab certified microbial efficacy reports.

We are the only Indian manufacturer to be registered with EPA and are FIFRA complaint assuring you of the efficiency and quality of our products.

We are also members of the International UV association, nodal body for UV products and the Federation of Indian Exporters and we have a Global presence.

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Healthcare facilities and Hospitals
Public Transports like Airplanes, Railways, Buses etc.,
Public places and spaces
Hotel Rooms and Hospitality Sector
Office Spaces
Professional and Commercial Kitchens
Homes & More
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aummedtech certifications testing registrations 6lr
aummedtech certifications testing registrations mobile 6lr

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