About us

AUM Medtech is a DIPP approved start-up that manufactures Make in India medical devices that confirms to global regulatory requirements.

We are one of the very few Medtech firms having a unique combination of a practising doctor and an engineer joining hands to offer innovative solutions for sustainable healthcare.

AUM Medtech is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer and we have been Quality Council of India assessed as OEM for GEM. All our products are global patent pending. 



All UVC devices are not the same as AUM UVCGI disinfection technology, we use UV light that covers the entire germicidal spectrum at much higher peak power, this ensures any sector, any area is disinfected of all microorganisms including spores within a short time exposure.

Our global patent pending disinfection robots are being used in hospitals, hospitality sector, healthcare establishments and in global manufacturing hubs. Our evidence-based protocols were scientifically developed in partnership with public hospitals and NABL accredited labs.


AUM Video Laryngoscopes

Studies have shown that the practitioner’s level of experience with a particular device guarantees a high success rate of intubation. Being a scientific company, we used the same favoured blades that are frequently used by anaesthetist’s world over, this increased greater adaptability and ensured greater impact on the success of intubation, what’s more our unique global patent pending devices helps in screening the images on any android television for training and teaching purposes and also enables remote monitoring and guidance of intubations.


Our Mission

To manufacture solutions that have been tested, validated by end customers, certified both nationally and internationally and be complaint with stringent regulatory requirements towards achieving the goal of sustainable healthcare.

Our purpose goes far beyond profit. We believe in the pursuit of making India the place to go for innovative, patent protected, and cost-effective healthcare/healthtech products.

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Dr. Kumaresh is an Otolaryngologist and a healthcare entrepreneur. He has more than 20 years of Clinical experience.

Serves as CMO of AUM Medtech

Mr. Rajasekar is a Btech, MS graduate  involved for the past 20 years in the technical sector. 

Serves as Technical Director of AUM Medtech.

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