The COVID -19 Crisis has given  a very severe hit to the Hotel Industry and Hotels will likely be the last ones to recover. It is a very difficult time for you all. We at PANBAN have been striving to support Hotels for the past 45 years .Once again we hope we can be of service to you in these testing times with a great and one and only for the First Time in India Product the AUM Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation BOT Machine to fight this disease and ensure your premises are disinfected and safe at all times—- there by giving great confidence to the Visitors of a Safe Place to Stay when they come.

 We are now working closely with AUM Medtech , a New Age Company set up by Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy, and IIT-M Graduate-P Rajsekhar, AUM Medtech want to revolutionize the field of infection prevention across sectors through their affordable innovative technology. When bacteria/virus/spores/fungus is exposed to UV-C light, their DNA absorbs light energy and causes cell damage that kills these micro-organisms. And this is exactly what our Latest Made  in India Machine the UVC BOT does. Ultraviolet C (UVC) light is a reliable, well-studied technology that damages the DNA of micro-organisms, rendering them non-infectious. There are no known micro-organisms immune to UVC light. Whats more UVC is known to prevent the eggs of bedbugs from hatching.

AUM UVC Germicidal Irradiation (UVCGI) BOT, an unique patented Make in India technology that is the most affordable than any other comparable mobile room device in the World market. These machines are regularly used in USA for the past many years in Hospitals but the cost there is close to $ 100,000. Now with these being manufactured in India at reasonable prices you will get a perfect method of disinfecting your rooms safely in 5 minutes. The operational cost per room is less than Rs 5 per room!!! And you can if you want get swab tests done to check the efficiency of the machine in a room before and after disinfection, thouh these have been tested, validated at numerous tertiary referral and teaching hospitals and been certified by third party NABL accredited testing lab as per existing norms. Importantly, this machine can also be used in your Lobbies and Restaurants areas with a 25 ft x 25 ft Barricaded area for safety before using. You can disinfect every area of the Hotel within minutes multiple times a day to ensure your Hotel is disinfected at all times.

AUM Smart Technology ensures that the same high energy lethal dosage is uniformly delivered across a room, including the often missed and hard-to-reach shadow areas, resulting in more effective germicidal power and thorough disinfection, providing an economical and effective measure in limiting the spread of germs and COVID 19. Indirect transmission through disease-causing micro-organisms lingering on surfaces and environment is one of the main reasons for spreading of infectious diseases. This could be the reason why majority of the population believe they became sick after a hospital visit, traveling on an airplane/train or during their stay at a Hotel. Scientific evidences have demonstrated that there is a need for secondary disinfection technologies to complement the current manual cleaning methods. Please see link below and forwarded Whatsapps.Govt. of Maharashtra has put the same on the approved List of manufacturers of Essential Drugs already.

 The prices for the various models depends on the area to be covered and varies from Rs 8 Lakhs to Rs 18 Lakhs. We are in discussions with the company to arrive at special rates for the hospitality sector which has taken a bad hit due to the current pandemic. Though these bots are already the most affordable, in view of us reaching out and explaining AUM Medtech has agreed to consider and work out a very special price for PANBAN depending on the numbers. Once we have you requirements depending on the numbers we will offer you our best discounted quote. Kindly study the information in detail and advice your interest as this is very necessary for your Property. 

Looking forward to your kind reply!!

Yours sincerely

Rajat Pandhi



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