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Medical devices should be scientifically evaluated

Medical devices play a crucial role in modern healthcare. However, for these devices to be effective and safe, they must be scientifically evaluated. The scientific evaluation of medical devices is a process that helps to ensure that the device is safe and effective...

AUM MEDTECH is ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems (QMS) that provides a framework for organizations to consistently meet customer requirements and improve overall performance. The standard is based on a set of quality management principles that...

WiFi Enabled Video Laryngoscope

AUM WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope is a medical device that combines the traditional laryngoscope with advanced video technology and WiFi connectivity. The device allows healthcare professionals to view the larynx, the voice box, more clearly and accurately, which...

India’s UV Disinfection Bot unveiled in UAE by Granteq

India’s UV Disinfection Bot unveiled in UAE by Granteq

Make in India range of UV Disinfection bots were unveiled on August 15 in Dubai, UAE by Granteq who have partnered with AUM Medtech to ensure Freedom from COVID in Middle East. Strategic Partnership AUM Medtech and Granteq LLC have entered a strategic partnership to...

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