Mobile AUM UVCGI Boxes eliminates the threat of microorganisms including COVID 19 found on the items closest to you like Mobile Phones, Eye Glasses, Wallets, Paper Currency, Cards, Pooja Items and helps in disinfecting your masks too.

AUM UVCGI Boxes are future proof and comes with a standard three tray and prevents cross contamination, assuring your customers.

We are aware that time is money and hence we have developed a powerful unit that disinfects articles in seconds.

The average measured values in our AUM UVCGI boxes are 3mW/cm2. Corona disinfection dosage is achieved within seconds, our boxes come with a standard 30 second cycle providing dosage needed to disinfect other microbials too, offering complete protection against germs like E.Coli.

Value Proposition to Our Customers




Disinfects in Just 30 seconds – Not Minutes


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