UVCGI prevents spread of infections amongst immunocompromised uvc disinfectant bot
UVC Ama uvc disinfectant bot


uvc disinfectant bot


UVC disinfectant bots (devices) should work as intended or as claimed.

AUM Mobile UV sanitizers being registered with US Regulatory Authorities and being FIFRA complaint, does just that. Whats more all our Bots come with an Android Tablet and an AUM app with data logging that can be downloaded, at no added cost to our customers.

IUVA and FDA advises customers to insist on UVC irradiation readings and third-party validations of the technology’s effectiveness in a real-world setting. All our units come with actual UVC irradiance and we supply third party validations.

Our Bots are used after every patient in CT scan rooms, Radiotherapy units, Operating Theatres and in OPDs and have documented a sustained reduction in surface microbial contamination both in India and Overseas.


Why Choose AUM UVC DIsinfectant Bot?

AUM UV sanitizer Bots are Proprietary Technology products that caters to any sector, room size, microbial load, need or budget. This UVGI is an essential device for any establishment.

All our devices undergo strict quality checks and come loaded with Features not available at this cost.

As per IUVA recommendations, we give the UVC irradiance at distances of 3, 6, 9 upto 25 feet, from the front of the device .

We use dual action Philips UVC lamps and are the only Indian manufacturer to be registered with EPA  and meet NIOSH related safety standards..

why choose aum uvcgi
c1 uvc disinfectant bot



Hospital ICU, Theatre, Patient rooms etc.,
Public Transports like Airplanes, Buses etc.,
Hotel Rooms and Hospitality Sector
Professional and Commercial Kitchens
Office Spaces, Daycares, Homes & More
Bathrooms and Public Toilets                                  Restaurants and Dining Areas


Used Cases – Hospitals/Covid Center/Diagnostic Center

Used Cases – Clinics

More than 20 Variants for Any Sector, Area or Budget


Testing and Certifications


To access more details about our UVC BOT please click the button below:

aummedtech certifications testing registrations uvc disinfectant bot
aummedtech certifications testing registrations mobile uvc disinfectant bot

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