AUM WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope is a medical device that combines the traditional laryngoscope with advanced video technology and WiFi connectivity. The device allows healthcare professionals to view the larynx, the voice box, more clearly and accurately, which can be especially useful during difficult intubations.

In a traditional video laryngoscope the view can be obstructed by blood, secretions or other factors, with a WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope, the view of the larynx is transmitted to a monitor, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the larynx.

One of the key advantages of WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope is that it allows healthcare professionals to share the view of the larynx with others in real-time. Every AUM Wifi device has a unique id that can connect and transmit the video to other devices, such as smartphones or tablets, allowing others to view the larynx remotely. This can be especially useful in training or in situations where a second opinion is needed.

In addition to its real-time streaming capability, WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope also allows for recording and storing the video of the intubation process for later review.

In conclusion, WiFi-enabled video laryngoscope is a powerful tool that can help healthcare professionals to view the larynx more clearly and accurately. The device’s WiFi connectivity allows for real-time sharing and remote viewing of the larynx, making it a valuable tool for training, second opinions, and research.


wifi video laryngoscope
video laryngoscope

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